13th August 2013 – Ameena is 1 year old!

Well, I’m about 1 week late for this post. But anyway, Ameena is already 1 year old! How time flies =)

She is such a cutie pie, right? Now, she has an obsession with my hand every time she wants to sleep. She will either cuddle my hand, put my hand on top of her face or her head or simply make my hand as her “bantal peluk” to hug at night.

And Adam loves to sleep with my hand as his pillow. So, I need to lie down facing up (terlentang), which makes my breathing very hard with my big tummy. Well, now’s the time they want to hug mommy all they can before their little sibling comes out from the womb. Hehe.

I love Adam and Ameena sooo much! (And I love my dearest hubby even more~~)

Mwah Mwah Mwah. Kiss kiss kiss.

Oh, have I told you Meena knows how to kiss already? She’ll smother me with her mouth, lips and saliva. Lol.

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