Benefits of living near the office

Alhamdulillah today I have managed to help my good friend to move nearer to the office. Our officemates helped as well, thank you much everyone who have helped today, really appreciate all your effort.

There’s still a lot of arrangement to be done but alhamdulillah at least all the items have been moved successfully.

Anyway, why is living near the office beneficial to oneself?

There are pros and cons of living near to the office. One of the cons might be the rental and moving costs. You might be able to rent a bigger house when living farther from the office at the same amount of rent (assuming your office is near the city or someplace with more rentals demand). However, if you are single, space might not be the biggest issue that you need to face.

Firstly, By living near to the office, you can save your time traveling and use it for something more beneficial. As an example, if you take a bus, the traveling + waiting time might exceed an hour. This amount of time can be used for something else if you move closer to the office and you will be able to make it more productive. Besides, you can save costs on commuting and use the money to cover the higher rent (if it is higher).

Besides, you can actually reduce the amount of stress you need to face when commuting daily. Besides saving time and money that you spend on commute, you will be able to reduce the stress as well, making the work more enjoyable for you. I have seen difference in stress level and productivity in employees who commute from far and those who live nearer to the office. 

Well, what do you think? Do you prefer to live near or far from your workplace?

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