Count Your Blessings Day #5

Assalamualaikum wbt,How are you guys doing? Hope everyone is doing great!

In my Count Your Blessings story today, I would like to share about one of my schools, where I learned about a lot new things in my life, especially in life skills.

Most of the things I learned in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah can be designate as my first time in a lot of things in my life.

Truth to be told, when I finished my UPSR, I had actually planned to go free hair when I join secondary school. However, of course I couldn’t do it when I joined Maahad. Haha. Entering Maahad, instead of going free hair, I had to wear “Tudung labuh”. This is a blessing for me. I learned to wear tudung more properly and started to enjoy wearing tudung instead.

If you know me since I was young, we always had a maid at home. So, at that time, I had very little life skills.

In Maahad, I learned to:
1. Live away from home
2. Wash my own clothes
3. Iron my own clothes
4. How to wear kain batik
5. How to take care of hygiene
6. How to make my own bed
7. How to wake up so early in the morning – haha.
8. Reading Al-Mathurat morning and evening.
9. How to consistently pray without missing the prayer times
10. How to study by myself without my mom keep nagging me to study

… and so many more things that I couldn’t even keep track of them.

And most important of all, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah is the school where I learned to make friends and learned to be compassionate. Here, I learned that we need to respect each other, help each other out and understand each other, and make lifelong friendships.

All my friends in Maahad, doesn’t matter whether they are girls or boys, are very nice people. They helped me a lot. I have so many good memories in Maahad that this post won’t be enough.

Even though I only spent 3 years in Maahad as I moved to another school in Form 4, we keep in touch even until now. I have a lot of Maahad friends here in Facebook. To you, my Maahad friends, thank you for helping me to adjust with the life away from home and thank you for being my friends. You know who you are.

I am blessed to be a Hamidian.

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