Count Your Blessings Day #5

Assalamualaikum wbt,How are you guys doing? Hope everyone is doing great!

In my Count Your Blessings story today, I would like to share about one of my schools, where I learned about a lot new things in my life, especially in life skills.

Most of the things I learned in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah can be designate as my first time in a lot of things in my life.

Truth to be told, when I finished my UPSR, I had actually planned to go free hair when I join secondary school. However, of course I couldn’t do it when I joined Maahad. Haha. Entering Maahad, instead of going free hair, I had to wear “Tudung labuh”. This is a blessing for me. I learned to wear tudung more properly and started to enjoy wearing tudung instead.

If you know me since I was young, we always had a maid at home. So, at that time, I had very little life skills.

In Maahad, I learned to:
1. Live away from home
2. Wash my own clothes
3. Iron my own clothes
4. How to wear kain batik
5. How to take care of hygiene
6. How to make my own bed
7. How to wake up so early in the morning – haha.
8. Reading Al-Mathurat morning and evening.
9. How to consistently pray without missing the prayer times
10. How to study by myself without my mom keep nagging me to study

… and so many more things that I couldn’t even keep track of them.

And most important of all, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah is the school where I learned to make friends and learned to be compassionate. Here, I learned that we need to respect each other, help each other out and understand each other, and make lifelong friendships.

All my friends in Maahad, doesn’t matter whether they are girls or boys, are very nice people. They helped me a lot. I have so many good memories in Maahad that this post won’t be enough.

Even though I only spent 3 years in Maahad as I moved to another school in Form 4, we keep in touch even until now. I have a lot of Maahad friends here in Facebook. To you, my Maahad friends, thank you for helping me to adjust with the life away from home and thank you for being my friends. You know who you are.

I am blessed to be a Hamidian.

SME Graduates Program @ UKM

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I last shared my stories here. Attending the SME Graduates Program @ UKM has inspired me to start writing (or in this case, typing) again. Hope to be more consistent after this!

Anyway, you must be wondering, what is this SME Graduates program?

Previously this program is known as SME@University. Now rebranded and taken over by HRDF. HRDF works with universities, (I joined the UKM session since it is soooo near to my house), and the universities organize the program with speakers based on modules developed previously. The program was inspired by Tokyo SME Training Institute.

This program is about 9-10 weeks long (and mind you, this time, they make it almost every weekend). It is a bit tiring since you have to work Monday-Friday, and then attend trainings on Saturday and Sunday. But the good thing is, all of the participants are very excited and always full of energy. Most of them did not even take a break in the middle of the week! Salute guys!

Besides learning and getting more knowledge, skills and motivation in growing your business, you can nurture your relationship with other business owners and top management from the other companies. The program really provides us with a lot of opportunities that we may not find elsewhere.

We have just completed the third weekend. And always more and more excited for the upcoming classes. Will share more in the next posts!

5 reasons why internship is important

Are you a student? Are you currently going through your internship program or thinking to join an internship program?

One thing that I observe, and someone has taught me this too previously, is that when you are a students, all the stress that you undergo such as studying, preparing for exams, etc, is not as big as it seemed once you enter the real working world, especially once you assume more responsibility such as taking care of your family – even more so once you are married.

This is the same as when you undergo your internship program. If you are too stressed out or depressed during the internship duration, that is a sign that you’re not managing your time and stress well enough.

5 reasons why internship program is important to a student (of course, besides getting a pass in the course):

1. This is the time to actually discover your interests

You might think you like what you’re doing or going to do while you were in the university, but it might be a totally different world out there. University’s main point is to teach you how to communicate, think and bring yourself in the real world. Probably not so much on the work hands-on type of experience. Internship program allows you to have a hands-on experience in the area that you are assigned in.

2. Learn to communicate with your colleagues and superiors

Communications between friends, colleagues and superiors might be different depending on the situation(s). This is where you learn how to communicate and express your thoughts and ideas.

3. Learn to manage your time

Trust me, if you think you have too much things to do as an intern, you might not be managing your time well. So if you feel this, it is time to learn and improve your time management skills.

4. Learn to manage your stress

There is almost no company/organization in the world that you can work at that will have absolutely no pressure or stress. Sometimes stress can be a good motivator for you to complete your job.

The most important part is you have to manage your stress and learn how do you de-stress and motivate yourself to achieve more.

5. Opportunity to build your network

Take this opportunity to develop your network in the industry. Get to know people. For your information, besides you learning about the company and the mechanics of business, the company is also learning about you.

If you work hard, successfully give good impression during your internship program and get to know a lot of people whether your company’s employees or customers/suppliers, there’s a very high chance for you to secure employment / other opportunities in the future. And this goes a loooong way.

In the Ventures Internship Program that we have at our company, Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd, we learned a lot about each students that join us. Some of them actually take the good opportunity to learn more and have achieved quite good results in the program. However some also struggled and probably need more guidance in understanding the mechanism and benefits that they get from internship program.

At Authentic Venture, we provide a lot of trainings, learning opportunities and networking opportunities with other companies’ management and CEOs. It really boils down to the interns themselves to make full use of the opportunities provided.

Are you interested in our internship program? Feel free to send your resume to Thank you!