Count Your Blessings – Day #9 (Posted 26 April 2021)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hi everyone!

Sorry my post today is a bit late. I was a bit overwhelmed this morning. Haha.

Anyway, my #CountYourBlessings post today is about my kids.

Adam, Ameena and Azmi.

Adam was born in 2011. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me a very good and easy to manage baby for my firstborn. I remember that my dad commented “Rumah ni macam takde baby je” because of how quiet he was. He was just smiling and laughing all the time. A very good baby to start off my motherhood journey.

Then, next come Ameena in 2012, and Azmi in 2013. I usually become pregnant back within 5 months of giving birth. Hahaha. So right after Azmi, I immediately took Implanon so that I can plan my family. However, looking back, I wish I have given birth to another 2 kids before taking Implanon so that I can have 5 kids that are already big enough by now.

Their age is so near to each other that they are very close, like siblings-best friends. Now, they help each other in studies, they play and grow up together. I really love my kids.

When they were young, I was so stressed out. I didn’t care anymore about everything else. From the moment I woke up until the time I sleep, my life revolved around my babies. I didn’t care about how I look, how my clothes look – everything else is like “whatever”. However, now I am grateful that all of my kids are big enough already to become my little friends. They often accompany me everywhere I go, they love to hug and kiss me (and me them!) and always remind me if I did anything wrong. And now I start to enjoy my life more too with my little bundles of joy accompanying my in my life journey.

The way we grow up our little ones, is we teach them not to be afraid to say no and to speak up, and to always be affectionate with us. So, they usually will remind us little things like “Mommy, jangan baring masa azan”, or “Mommy, jangan marah2 sangat” and they will hold each other accountable for anything they have promised. They absolutely love to help me and help around the house. I am so grateful to be granted with the best kids ever who absolutely are not shy to kiss me.Thank you Allah for the wonderful children.

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