Hunger for knowledge

“Tuntutlah ilmu hingga ke negeri China” is one of the proverbs that shows how important it is to learn and get more knowledge.

As a mother of 3, it has been hard to find time when I can properly spend time learning. I love reading books and love reading things online. So, I’ll try to read when I am waiting for someone, whenever I can. At night, although it would be a struggle to divide my time and attention between being a wife, a mom and a reader, I would try to read using my phone (my tablet usually becomes my kids’ properties, even my phone too) when my kids are asleep.

Therefore, if you’re still single, don’t waste time watching tv all nights after coming home from work. Well, I know you’ll say “I’m tired from all the work man, I need to rest”. Well, I’m not saying you should spend 10 hours to reading each night. 30 minutes each night of reading or getting new knowledge and skills will help you. Or just 2-3 times a week would be great as well. (Well, reading is not only for singles, I really respect married couple with kids who can spend time studying – and even getting masters and phd while the kids are young)

If you want to move forward in your life and career, you’ll need to be able to grow yourself and not just rely 100% only on trainings provided by your boss. That’s what makes the difference between those who can climb the corporate ladder fast and those who’s stuck in the same chair for years.

Your knowledge stays with you, wherever you are, and sometimes you might be surprise on how the knowledge will help you.

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