Kidzoona at IOI City Mall

Today my husband and I brought our kids, Adam, Ameena and Azmi for an outing at IOI City Mall. There’s a lot more people than normal today, probably double/triple their usual weekend crowd. Probably due to Christmas holidays.

Anyway, we decided to bring them to Kidzoona, an indoor playground suitable for kids below 12 years old. Although probably more suitable for kids below 8 years old. For kids above that age might be a little boring for them.
However we love Kidzoona as it’s quite affordable and entertaining for our kids (aged 5, 4 and 3 years old). Ample excitement for them. When I brought Adam and Meena to Kidzoona in Melaka last week, they spent more than 3 hours there and I was already so sleepy. Haha.

Anyway, would like to share with you some pictures of Kidzoona IOI City Mall Putrajaya (located on first floor, near the Icescape Ice Skating Rink). It is actually in the same area as Molly Fantasy. So you need to find Molly Fantasy in order to find Kidzoona.

Entrance fees as of 24th December 2016:

Weekday: RM10/kid

Weekend/Public Holiday: RM17/kid

(Free for guardian above 18 years old and all children must be accompanied by a guardian at all times)

Socks are required. If you forgot your socks, you can purchase from them as well.

 One more picture of my cute little Azmi:

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