Rabbit Farm @ Broga

Assalamualaikum all~!

Today, ayah and I brought Adam and Ameena to Rabbit Farm @ Broga. They’re so bored since their daddy has not yet arrived back home from Bangkok, so, Ayah offered to bring us to the Rabbit Farm.

When we were there the first time, it was closed temporarily due to too many kids (some kindergartens brought a few buses of kids to visit the farm), so, Ayah decided we should visit the Temple @ Broga.

There were a lot of stairs and I really doubted my ability to climb those stairs and hills to go to the top. There was a monument of the Monkey King on top of the hill. I was complaining the whole time. However, Adam seemed to be mesmerized with the place that he keep climbing up and up and up even though he sweated a lot. Ameena was also sweating even though she’s carried by Noor instead of climbing herself. Lol.

The view from the top of the hills, Masya Allah, is marvelous. The air is clear despite of the ‘jerebu’ problem and you can see the green hills around you. A good exercise for me too.

After that, we decided to try the Rabbit Farm again and we were allowed to go in. Ayah bought a bag of carrots to feed the animals. The first animal we encountered were the goats that keep trying to jump over the fence for the carrots. We gave Adam some carrots to give to the goats but he ran away, probably feared the goats might eat him instead. Lol.

Then, we went to the rabbits area where you can hold the rabbits, feed them and play with them. This is where Adam warmed up and tried to touch the rabbits and feed them. But the rabbits were too full, so, they’re not interested at all at Adam’s offering of carrots. (Even though he tried his best to put the carrots into their mouths. Lol. So cute.)

Then, we went to feed the horses and Adam was very excited when the horses ate the carrots from his hand. He kept asking his Tok Ayah for more and more carrots. He took a piece of carrot and handed it to the horse’s mouth and then went back to Tok Ayah to ask for more carrots.

At the farm, he fed almost all types of animals available there – horses, goats, ostrich, deers and even cows!

Maybe we should start planning the next time go there, probably when Ameena knows how to walk. It would be awesome looking at both of them trying to feed the animals.


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