Trip to Ipoh, Perak

We had a last-minute gateway to Ipoh Perak this past weekend and it was really worth it! I had quite a few depressing weeks and this getaway has helped me to turn my mind off office things (although quite a few people still contact me over the weekend but I appreciate that they gave me some space when I told them that I am not in Bangi at the moment. Thank you.)

On Saturday, we went to Lost World of Tambun. The price is okay and inclusive of the whole park including the theme park (minimal number of rides, petting zoo, water park, etc). However, due to the rain in the late afternoon we were not able to get on all the rides.

Adam, Meena and Azmi really enjoyed feeding the animals. I love it that my kids love animals. 😘😘😘

You can find raccoons, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and other cute animals in the petting zoo. They also have a room for cats where you can go in to pet the cats for 5 minutes. The cats were huge!

In Lost World of Tambun, they focus more on nature, so don’t expect a lot of rides (even so, we were not able to go onto all the rides due to rain).

Ameena is such a cute girl, isn’t she?

And my handsome husband enjoyed feeding the parrots. We probably should have some of them as pets hehe.

After sleeping at DWJ hotel in Ipoh that night (we did not stay for night jungle because all of us were already too tired and cold by then), on Sunday (aka today!), we decided to stop by at Gua Tempurung on the way back to KL. 

This is the first cave that Adam, Meena and Azmi went to (and probably mine for Malaysia’s cave haha).

My kids were very excited when we first arrived to the cave. Of course they were excited since they were such little explorers and really enjoy any trip that we bring them to =)

See their faces!

The trip as almost 2 hours long (return trip) and the guide kept telling us all the similarities of all the stalagtites and stalagmites to animals figures, humans and even heart shaped hole formed on the cave.

I was happy! The scenery and environment was different than the city. Would love to come again in the future insya Allah.

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