Wakeup Call

Facebook has disabled my account since last Thursday. A very bad timing as well.

I really feel I am the victim here. I haven’t done anything that violates Facebook terms and conditions. I used my real name, real pictures. All my company’s trademarks are registered. I am unsure if the Facebook bots are the one who disabled my accounts or somebody reported me (reported what? There’s nothing that i have violated).

It’s very unfair for Facebook to do this to their users without any explanation and whatever. I am even considered as their customer. My company has spent thousands on facebook ads every month up until the day my account being disabled. Now all my business pages are gone too.

I have been trying to contact Facebook since the past few days with utter failure. This is probably an example of a successful company with very poor customer service.

I used to be a fan of Facebook, following Mark Zuckerberg’s stories, even promoting to other SMEs to use Facebook Ads. I feel utterly betrayed and I am really stressed out on this.

However, this has been a wake up call for me. Don’t depend your marketing on one platform only. They can easily kill you off without any reason. 

Now I wonder if I would ever be the same again with Facebook. I feel very victimized.

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