what have you done for your country? (or what have you done for the world, if you prefer a global scale)

Since I was young, I dreamt of building a house for the orphans. I like to help people. I dreamt of being an education minister, or maybe a welfare minister. Heck, I even wished I could be the Prime Minister!

However once I grew up, I don’t think I am capable to become any of the ministers, let alone being the Prime Minister. I still remember when I was younger, When teachers asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I would answer many different things: lawyer, architect, engineer, businesswoman, lecturer, etc, when deep in my heart actually I wanted to become the Prime Minister but I didn’t say so because not confident enough (I was quite introvert when I was in primary school). I always marvel at people who manage to blurt out that they want to become the Prime Minister. I still remember, that one night when I was in Form 4 at Sek Men Sains Selangor when I was taking care of a Form 1 class, this one little guy really took my attention when he announced he wants to become the PM (I was trying to get to know them by asking about their ambitions) Well, he has turned out to become quite a fine man now although not yet venturing into the fierce politics world.

Anyway, my post today is not about politics but about how can we help the country in our personal capacity.

I respect how Syed Azmi goes around making a difference everyday, no matter how small it seems to us, may have quite a big impact. We should help everyone, not only those who we think are poor (who are we to judge who is poor and who’s not anyway?). Can we do something to change our country and the world into a better place? Small things can add up into big things.

Some people may prefer to do big impacts. Some may have the capacity to do it and some may not.

As for me, my long term plan is to build an orphanage home and to ensure everyone in Malaysia (when I say everyone, I meant everyone, even those kids who have problem because doesn’t have birth certs) gets education. Education is the key to get out of poverty and to reduce crimerates. I also want to reduce poverty quick but need to think of something that is sustainable. Pray so that Allah gives me the time and capability to do this.

What have you contribute to your country? or what are you planning to contribute to your country?

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