Leadership Development

Everything I learned about leadership, I learned them hands-on.

In Venture, starting 11 years ago, until now, many things that I have learned, I learned hands-on throughout my time in Venture.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Benefits of hindsight, some decisions seem stupid too. As time goes on, I learned to grow, deal with mistakes, and always looking on the bright side on how I can use those blunders to improve. Reading a lot of books help me too.

Hands on learning is tough – You have to go through the heartaches and experience all sorts of difficulties (which, if I know how to deal with it earlier, probably would have made my life easier).

However, by learning through experience, it is much more ingrained in me instead of just learning theoretically. Insya Allah, I will remember the lessons better.

Now, we are working on developing leaders in Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd. I know how hard it is sometimes to make some tough decisions. And that is probably what other people are facing too.

We hope with more structured learning & leadership development, our team are able to do this – achieve results faster, and hopefully will help all of us in our leadership challenges. I too, am still learning, and will never stop.

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