Ramadhan #CountYourBlessings Post #1

I have shared this on my Facebook yesterday. Going to share this here!

Good morning everyone!

It’s the first day of Ramadhan and I hope everyone is doing well. If not, don’t fret, Ramadhan has just started and you’re not too late yet

During this Ramadhan month, I would like to make a special effort to appreciate the good things in my life, by counting my blessings everyday.I am very lucky to have been blessed by so many wonderful things throughout the journey of my life. Thank you Allah.Today my post is specially dedicated to my dearest father, Ir Aziz Ismail.

My father, or as I call him, Ayah, has been a great role model for me since I was young. And now, by working with him since 2009, there are a great deal of things that I have learned from him.I believe that his greatest quality is his patience, and how he never gets angry non-strategically (aha!), especially when I were having my temper moments.

From him, I learned to control my emotions and anger (although sometimes I still fail! ). I learned from him that as a leader, everything that I do must have a reason, and must not be influenced by emotions.

As a lady, sometimes my emotions get the better of me.

And aside from that, Ayah is a very hardworking man and never knows what the term “tired” means. If he needs to complete 5 proposals that day – he will. As of today I am still not able to finish 5 proposals in 1 day yet. Haha.

I appreciate having a great and wonderful father and role model for my life, whom I wish I will grow with more mature and intellectual thinking like him and have his insights too.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us and will do, and we always pray for your long life, health, wellness and happiness. May Allah make all your dreams come true.

Happy belated birthday Ayah and I am so sorry that you cannot retire yet!

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