Semenyih Ecohill Playground

If you are looking for a new playground with different sets of play structures for your explorer kids, you can go ahead to Semenyih Ecohill Outdoor Playground.

It is quite new, well-maintained and complete with different and creative play structures when compared to normal playgrounds.

This is tons of fun. They can climb and slide all day long.

This one is for the younger kids.

Looks fun, right?

I brought my kids there the weekend before Ramadhan this year and they enjoyed their playtime for few hours and did not want to go home!

Hours of play and exercises is good for the kids. Mamas and Papas can do a little jogging around the playground while watching the kids.

Moreover, it’s free!

They’ll love climbing this.

It’s located just about 5 minutes away from Tesco Semenyih. Just drive through the Semenyih Ecohill neighborhood road and you will see this playground on your left (if you are coming from the Tesco Semenyih direction).

Your kids will be very happy and have plenty of exercises here.

And here is Adam, enjoying his drink before going off to play – again. When we were there, there were a few stalls (or more accurately, carboot style stalls) opened that sells drinks should you and your kids become thirsty.

If you’re living somewhere near to Semenyih, I suggest you checkout the playground. Your kids will love it while being kind to your pocket! 😊