A Historical Day for Our Family

Today, 17 November 2018, marks a historical day for our family. All three of my children received awards from their respective schools:

Adam – 2nd in class for KAFA

Ameena – 2nd in class for Prasekolah Tadika Vonad

Azmi – Anugerah Pelajar Lonjakan Tadika Vonas

These past 2-3 weeks when I received the good news, I feel very proud. My happy tears keep coming out these past weeks, and this is probably one of the proudest moment in my 32 years of life. Finally I understand why people keep saying “Make your parents proud”.

Adam, Ameena, Azmi, should you read this in the future, I want you to know that I am very proud of you and I love you all very much. I hope you will always be very successful and become among the best in the world, dunia and akhirat.

I love you all so much!

An evening at Kidzoona IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Today I brought my 3 kids to Kidzoona at IOI City Mall Putrajaya for them to enjoy indoor playground. It’s been a while since we last visited an indoor playground – so I decided to bring them so they can release their energy.

Alhamdulillah since they all have grown up a bit (Adam is 7, Meena is 6 and Azmi is 5), it’s easier to manage them when going out on my own since Afiq is working today. Previously it was a nightmare if I have to manage all three of them alone at a shopping mall 😅.

Kidzoona is located in Molly Fantasy, near to the ice skating rink at IOI City Mall. Entry feea is RM18/pax for unlimited playtime during weekends and public holidays.

Kidzoona has various types of games and toys such as bouncing castle, magnetic sand and more. Suitable for younger kids but might be a little boring for kids that are more than 8 years old.

At Kidzoona the kids can also play pretend as shopowners and doctors. I remember I used to play pretend at home with diy stuff 😅

What I like about indoor playground is that I can have a rest while they play as much as they want. I don’t have to worry about them running off somewhere like during playing at outdoor playground. And hopefully once they have played their hearts out, they will sleep earlier at night (haha).

My kids love Kidzoona and the price is quite reasonable when compared to other indoor playground. It’s been 3 hours now and they still don’t want to leave yet. Haha.

Power of sedeqah

Salam semua,

Hari ni saja nak share power of sedeqah.

Sebelum ni saya pernah terfikir nak beli payung. Tapi masa time tu, tengok payung mahal gile, dekat RM100. So, tak jadi beli.

Anyway, dah lupa dah pasal payung. Dah beberapa lama saya follow Syed Azmi punya FB, so byk tengok dia tolong orang sana sini, bagi makanan tak semestinya kat orang yg memang nampak susah. Saya rasa nak bantu make Malaysia a better place, even by 1 person at a time.

So, saya belikan breakfast utk kawan2 office (bukan hari2 la.. hehe), and kalau weekend, beli extra breakfast bagi kat Pak Guard.

Anyway, nak dijadikan cerita.. ada 2 kali bende miracle jadi kat saya:

Miracle #1:

1. Satu hari tuh saya dah niat nak beli nasik lemak telur mata utk pak guard, and then nasik lemak ayam utk hubby tersayang, nasik lemak telur utk ahli keluarga lain dan juga cendol utk diri sendiri.

2. Bila dah sampai depan pasar, saya baru ingat tak keluarkan duit lagi. Ada RM12 sahaja. 2 keping RM5, 2 keping RM1. Beberapa kali jugak saya kira memang ada RM12 je.

3. So, saya terpaksa cancel nasik lemak ayam utk husband, beli yg telur mata je la. Nasik lemak telur mata utk pak guard pun terpaksa cancel. Beli cukup2 utk ahli keluarga je. Tu pun dah RM11.50.

4. Bila time nak bayar, tetibe yang RM5 tu jadi 3 keping (tadi beberapa kali kira pun 2 keping) yang RM1 tu jadi 5 keping (tadi kira byk kali pun 2 keping je).

5. So, saya pun pergi tambah balik nasi lemak ayam utk hubby, 1 nasi lemak telur mata utk pak guard dan 1 cendol utk saya. Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa dan keinginan pagi tersebut.

Miracle #2:

1. Ingat tak saya cerita pasal payung tadi?

2. Basically saya ni jenis yang teramatlah jarang menang lucky draw. Masa saya gi HRDF Conference 2015 last week, saya tengah lalu tepi satu booth ni, tiba2 orang tu mintak saya bagi namecard and masuk lucky draw. Tup2 menang dapat payung. Alhamdulillah, dapat payung tanpa perlu keluarkan sesen pun. Yang ni walaupun lambat sikit (dalam sebulan kot) tapi akhirnya dapat jugak payung. Hehehehe.

Power of sedeqah.

My lovely babies

Assalamualaikum all,

I nak tulis this post dalam BM boleh tak? Hahahahha.

My babies, Adam and Ameena, sangat comel and manja. Kadang2 tu rasa rimas tapi sebenarnya rasa sangat2 best. Ye la, mak mana tak rasa seronok kalau anak manja ngan kita. Malam2 selalunya dua2 budak nie mesti nak cari mak diorg utk tido kat ketiak. However, disebabkan perut dah memboyot (7 months ok preggy, perut dah tahap besar gaban), mommy tak larat la nak tido telentang sepanjang malam dan membiarkan adam tido di ketiak kiri dan ameena tido di ketiak kanan. Semput mommy kalo 8 jam kene tido style mcm tu.

Maka, selepas agak2 diorg dah tido lena (usually almost half an hour to an hour after they fall asleep), mommy kene angkat kepala diorg dengan lemah lembut dan letak kat tepi. Selepas selesai mem’position’kan kedua2 anak2 utk tidur dengan betul tanpa ketiak mommy, mommy pun turun katil gi tido atas tilam di atas lantai dengan daddy.

Tapi selalunye, nanti bangun pagi esok, adam dan ameena akan magically appear kat ketiak mommy balik while daddy plak gi tido atas katil (disebabkan rimas anak2 penuh kat kiri kanan, lol). Diorg nie mmg bila2 masa pun nak cari mommy jgk. Hahaha.

Okayla saja nak cerita tu. Nanti besar nak suruh Adam and Ameena plak baca blog nie. Baru diorg tahu time kecik2 diorg nie camne. Lol. Apa2 pun, love love love sangat kat budak berdua nie. Nanti tunggu yg ketiga plak, kite tgk yg ketiga nak tido kat mana plak. Mommy ada 2 ketiak je. Haha.

13th August 2013 – Ameena is 1 year old!

Well, I’m about 1 week late for this post. But anyway, Ameena is already 1 year old! How time flies =)

She is such a cutie pie, right? Now, she has an obsession with my hand every time she wants to sleep. She will either cuddle my hand, put my hand on top of her face or her head or simply make my hand as her “bantal peluk” to hug at night.

And Adam loves to sleep with my hand as his pillow. So, I need to lie down facing up (terlentang), which makes my breathing very hard with my big tummy. Well, now’s the time they want to hug mommy all they can before their little sibling comes out from the womb. Hehe.

I love Adam and Ameena sooo much! (And I love my dearest hubby even more~~)

Mwah Mwah Mwah. Kiss kiss kiss.

Oh, have I told you Meena knows how to kiss already? She’ll smother me with her mouth, lips and saliva. Lol.

Tok Ayah passed away on Friday, 19th July 2013..

Dear all,

My Tok Ayah (a.k.a. grandpa) passed away on last Friday after almost a week battling with pains. Earlier this year, he had just discovered that he had bone cancer but doctor said to just leave it untreated due to the elderly age – chemotherapy won’t do much good on him.

It was a peaceful day, a Friday in the month of Ramadhan. Probably the best day to meet Allah. When he was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, 14th July 2013, doctor was positive that the few days would be his last days and asked to bring him home – to spend his last days in a familiar and cozy environment instead of the hospital.

He was a strong man. He managed to wait for all his kids (my uncles and aunties) to come back home from everywhere around the world and managed to meet all his children during his last days. Alhamdulillah. On Friday, the day he went, nobody was expecting it to happen so suddenly as his condition was the same as the previous day – no improvement but not getting worse. He returned to Rahmatullah in a very peaceful manner.

He was a good man during his days. He was the center of village – everybody will turn to him should they need help with anything. He was a good father and of course a good grandfather. I’m proud to be one of his grand daughters.

May his legacy continues. Al-Fatihah.

Adam fell into the fish pond

Today, or technically, yesterday, since it happened on 22nd May 2013, Adam was fooling around the fish pond, throwing stones to the fish (poor fish, they were expecting food!). I tried to take him away but he got mad and thrashed around, so, I decided to let him play while I kept watch on him. Luckily Ameena didn’t demand my attention today, so, she went off to watch her Tok Ma cooking chicken rice.

Okay, so, suddenly, Adam fell into the pond with a loud splash! I was taken aback and saw his head bobbing up and down (Well, twice up), I jumped into the pond (totally forgot that I’m pregnant), my left foot landed on a stone (thrown by Adam) and quickly grab Adam and hugged him. He coughed and coughed and coughed while I hugged him and tried to comfort him. So, I put him on the floor outside the pond. Alhamdulillah, he’s fine… =)

When I let him stand up on his own while I’m trying to get myself out of the pond, he was pulling my shirt as if trying to help me out from the pond (not that it helped but appreciate the thoughts though).

Okay, now I thought he won’t be near a stone and water again and when I brought him to take his bath to clear off all the mess (well, not really a bath but I let him naked outside while I spray the water on him using the pipe), well, hola, he went off to play with stones again. Only this time, he took some stones and put into some holes in the bricks. >.< I guess my baby really love stones.

Daddy took him and me to the clinic for checkup and the doctor said everything is fine. However my heel is hurting me badly that I couldn’t walk properly. I even woke up in the middle of the night with pain on my heel. I hope I didn’t damage anything when I landed on the stone. Ouch! But above all, I’m happy my little boy is fine.

Thank you Allah!