My kids love playing

My kida really love playing, and I enjoy watching them too!

Here are some pictures of our little outing to Taman Tasik Cempaka and Bangi Gateway last Sunday.

Azmi did not follow us because he wanted to stay at home with his Daddy =)


I miss fencing and Stevens Institute of Technology

If only I can turn back time and go back to Stevens. One of the happiest memories in my life.


Happy 6th Birthday, Adam!

We celebrated Adam’s birthday a little bit late this year (but he received his presents on time! Hehe)

As usual, the singing and blowing candles have to be done four times – for Adam, for Meena, for Azmi and for everyone together.



My weight loss journey

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Here I would like to share my weight loss journey with you.

For the past few months (I don’t remember exactly when), I have put on weight quite a lot. I remember when the delicious nasi lemak stall opened and I bought nasi lemak almost everyday for breakfast, I have put on weight for almost 10kg in just 2 weeks! Can you imagine that?

I don’t remember how much did I weigh at this time. I think it was 90+. This was about late last year:

I have started to seriously reduce weight since about past 2 months. Some of the main reasons are to look beautiful for my husband, to be more healthy (I have read a lot about obesity, diabetes and heart problems – I hope to stay away from those illnesses) and to improve my image in the corporate world.

What did I start with?

I reduced my nasi lemak consumption. However, in the beginning, I have this gas problem when I do not eat which will make me very gassy and dizzy. So I have to substitute it with something else – I bought oats.

Next I try to reduce my calories intake. However, counting calories is really not my forte. I have tried multiple times and I can only count calories – for maximum of 3 days at most. It is very hard to count calories with malaysian food.

So instead of counting calories, I reduced my dinner. Instead of eating my normal plate of rice, i will either substitute with bread or reduce the portion. At this time, I ate lunch normally.

Alhamdulillah, after 2-3 weeks, I managed to reduce about 4kg of my weight.

And then it stuck there. I hit a plateau.

I stayed at 88kg for a few weeks. I have tried adding some physical activities such as brisk walking and jogging but it stayed there.

Me at 88kg (sorry, but I don’t seem to have picture of myself alone). Still quite large and very rounded face and cheeks:

I almost felt demotivated. Almost.

But, wait! I have just started for less than 2 months! And losing 4kg in 2 months is already an achievement.

So during this Ramadhan, I wanted to be a bit more aggressive.

I do not eat sahur. Just water and sometimes milk. 

And i will only eat less than a plate (reduced portion) for my breaking fast. Although, I still like sugary drinks so I am not able to cut that one out yet.

Surprisingly and alhamdulillah, this is the first Ramadhan that I felt very energetic (except of course when I was at Stevens).

After that, I increase my physical activity by enrolling in a gym. Which gym? Secret. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, after a week of fasting with increased physical activities, I managed to break the plateau and reduce weight to 86kg!! I finally get back all my motivation.

So total number of kgs that I have lost as of now is at 6kg. I am planning to reduce my weight to reach 60kg. So, I have another 26kg to go.

I plan to shed off all this kg in less than 6 months. Wish me luck! I will share my progress with you here. Do come back yo read more!


Adam, Meena & Azmi’s Sports Day 2017

It’s the kids’ Tadika Vonad Sports day again! Although this post is a bit late. The sports day was held about 2 weeks ago.

Adam and Meena enjoyed the day. Look at their faces! Unfortunately, Azmi did not enjoy it and ran away from joining the competition and sports day activities.

Ameena is such a big girl. She talked to her friends, took selfie with them and even walked around with them once their activity is completed! I felt so left out haha.

Adam is still a quiet boy and enjoy his aunties’ company more than his friends. Hehe.

All in all, I hope they grow to become strong and friendly.


Kelas bola sepak Adam (first time! Woot woot!)

Assalamualaikum semua,

Alhamdulillah hari ni Adam dah selesai pergi ke kelas trial Superkids di Padang Mardi UPM Serdang. 2 jammmm. Alhamdulillah dia berjaya complete the session dengan jayanya.

Actually sekarang sebenarnya kami tengah mencari kelas-kelas utk develop skills Adam, Meena and Azmi. Tapi Azmi masih belum berjaya mendengar arahan dengan baik, so susah sikit nak cari kelas untuk dia.

Awal-awal ni Azmi join sekali. Tapi lepas tu orang lain semua lari straight, dia dah lari belok arah keluar padang. Pening coach nak suruh dia lari arah yg betul. Haha. Last2 main bole dengan bapaknya dan aunty2 nya sahaja.

Alhamdulillah Adam seemed to enjoy himself during the session. Walaupun cara dia lari agak kelakar (mungkin sebab kami pun kurang buat aktiviti fizikal bersama mereka), tapi Adam berjaya habiskan aktiviti tersebut dengan baik. Insya Allah bolehlah enrollkan Adam masuk kelas bola sepak ni. Moga by the time masuk sekolah nanti dah pandai main bola.

Tengok gambar atas tu, macam dah pro kan? Hehehe.

Tadi ada satu scene tu agak kelakar. Diorg tgh main bola sepak. Adam tgh cuba nak dapatkan bola tu. Mungkin tengah kelam kabut or panik agaknya, dia pergi tangkap bola guna tangan. Semua parents kat situ gelak termasuklah kami sekali.


Okay, sbnrnya tengah tulis ni sambil tunggu Ameena tgh mencuba kelas piano (trial class). Nanti saya updatekan tentang Meena pula dalam next post.


Trip to Ipoh, Perak

We had a last-minute gateway to Ipoh Perak this past weekend and it was really worth it! I had quite a few depressing weeks and this getaway has helped me to turn my mind off office things (although quite a few people still contact me over the weekend but I appreciate that they gave me some space when I told them that I am not in Bangi at the moment. Thank you.)

On Saturday, we went to Lost World of Tambun. The price is okay and inclusive of the whole park including the theme park (minimal number of rides, petting zoo, water park, etc). However, due to the rain in the late afternoon we were not able to get on all the rides.

Adam, Meena and Azmi really enjoyed feeding the animals. I love it that my kids love animals. 😘😘😘

You can find raccoons, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and other cute animals in the petting zoo. They also have a room for cats where you can go in to pet the cats for 5 minutes. The cats were huge!

In Lost World of Tambun, they focus more on nature, so don’t expect a lot of rides (even so, we were not able to go onto all the rides due to rain).

Ameena is such a cute girl, isn’t she?

And my handsome husband enjoyed feeding the parrots. We probably should have some of them as pets hehe.

After sleeping at DWJ hotel in Ipoh that night (we did not stay for night jungle because all of us were already too tired and cold by then), on Sunday (aka today!), we decided to stop by at Gua Tempurung on the way back to KL. 

This is the first cave that Adam, Meena and Azmi went to (and probably mine for Malaysia’s cave haha).

My kids were very excited when we first arrived to the cave. Of course they were excited since they were such little explorers and really enjoy any trip that we bring them to =)

See their faces!

The trip as almost 2 hours long (return trip) and the guide kept telling us all the similarities of all the stalagtites and stalagmites to animals figures, humans and even heart shaped hole formed on the cave.

I was happy! The scenery and environment was different than the city. Would love to come again in the future insya Allah.


Ladyfiesta Enterprise

Alhamdulillah akhirnya dah berjaya mendaftarkan perniagaan perkhidmatan pengurusan penyewaan rumah yang bernama Ladyfiesta Enterprise. Dah lama nak register tp asyik tak berkesempatan. Alhamdulillah berjaya juga akhirnya.

So excited. Haha. Nama ni Zul yg bagi cadangan. So kita gunakan company ni utk hal ehwal urusan Villa Meena dan sewaktu dengannya. Pegawai SSM ada mention tadi yang Ministry of Tourism ada keluarkan instructions utk homestay didaftarkan dengan syarikat sdn bhd. Insya Allah kalau lebih maju nnt boleh upgrade. 😊😊


Hangout with lovelies

Today, I am taking a break to clear up my mind a bit. Hanging out with my lovelies really helps me to take reenergize.

Alhamdulillah may Allah grant me more lovelies, amin.

Love u all and i really hope our friendship will continue to prosper. Amin.

Growth Hacking

In order to grow, you need to change. Things that are done the same way will generate the same results.

Embrace change. It’s the path to growth.